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I started building Photoshop skills back in 2004 working for the Bulgarian branch of w&co - Media services. In late 2007 I was invited to join #1 Adv in Sofia and lead their new digital printing division also to work with Xerox DC5000. This is the place where I put very strong foundation to my Adobe Illustrator and Indesign skills thanks to the wonderful professionals at the agency. In 2009 I found myself very into the process of Web development and to learn about SEO optimization. That's the time when I began learning HTML,CSS and WordPress. Also the same year I started to learn and test On-page and Off-page search optimization techniques. In 2016 I took a 3 month intensive course in PHP7 and MySQL at SoftAcademy.


How can I help you with my skills.


I will build you fully optimized online shop using OpenCart or Custom build solution in accordance to your budget and needs.


I will create you a Brand and build your Corporate identity from scratch. Or modernise and freshen your existing one.


I can get your business into the top positions in Google results on your main keywords. Because who remembers second place!?


Level of my technical skills.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


You may browse my latest work

SEO optimization for Redco

Redco SEO

SEO / On & Off page

Web design for Redco

Redco Website

E-Commerce / OpenCart

Logo design for Tileva makeup

Tileva MakeUp

Logo design / Identity

Web Design for Sweet Homes

Sweet Homes

Web Design / Custom CMS

Graphic design for Sweet Homes

Floor plans

Graphic design / Print

Website for Labtrade

LabTrade Website

Web Design / WordPress

Logo design for Labtrade

LabTrade Logo

Logo design / Identity


The timeline of building my skills and main events in my career

  • 2004-2007

    Photoshop skills

    Basic and Advanced Photoshop skills were mastered - Masking, Retouch and working with Layers

  • Oct 2007 - June 2008

    Illustrator, InDesign and Pre-Press Skills

    Graphic design, Branding and Pre-Press principles and techniques

  • Early 2009

    Frontend and SEO optimization skills

    First websites gone live by using HTML & CSS and WordPress. First On-page and Off-page SEO techniques tested.

  • July 2014

    OpenCart and E-commerce

    The first online shop was build and optimized for search engines using OpenCart.

  • Feb 2016

    PHP and MySQL course

    Started building some backend knowledge and skills with a 3 month intensive course.

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